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The Leaf Lady is Open!

Come shop a variety of houseplants from common to collectible. Monstera, Philodendron, Anthurium, Hoya and more! We offer local delivery and pickup, and all orders are shipped via UPS to the 48 contiguous US states.

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Get to Know the Owner

My name is Natalie and I am the owner of The Leaf lady. The Leaf Lady is a home-based online shop
run from Bend, Oregon. My goal is to bring a greater variety of houseplants to Central Oregon and nationwide for plant beginners, hobbyists, and collectors to enjoy.

I was raised to appreciate the desert plants in our local area and the joy of tending to a garden. My best memories are of my family gifting and sharing house plants with one another. About three years ago my interest and fascination in propagation of special, uncommon plants grew into an obsession.

I have always wanted to work for myself. Once I realized my passion for horticulture it was not a hard decision to open this shop. Thank you so much for reading my story and supporting The Leaf Lady.

Where Do These Amazing Plants Come From?

Most of the plants that you see in my shop were originally born far away in nurseries located in Indonesia and other Asian countries. I've spent a great amount of time (so you don’t have to) finding the best nurseries there with the healthiest plants and the nicest of people. Most are small, harding-working family owned businesses who share my love of growing quality plants.

When plants arrive at my nursery they are carefully unwrapped and inspected for any pests or problems. Next, they are treated with an organic product to ensure no unwanted travelers get a free ride. Finally, I quarantine the plants for 2-4 weeks in their own grow area until I know they are safe to mingle with the rest of the nursery plants and are ready to sell or propagate.

Many of the plants I purchase to propagate in my own nursery and share with you. Propagation is the process of reproducing plants from a single parent plant. There are a number of plant propagation techniques including division, cutting, and seeding. My primary method is to cut. I wait for them to become full plants as they grow their root systems and, when they are ready, I put them in my shop for you to purchase and enjoy!.