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How I Pack Your Plants

The Leaf Lady offers shipping to the contiguous US states from our Bend, Oregon nursery to your doorstep. Today I want to share with you the steps that I take to ensure your plant arrives looking its best. Step #1: When I receive your order, my first step is always  to choose  the happiest plant in my nursery for you.    Step # 2: Next, I tape up the top of the pot to prevent the potting medium from falling out during shipping. It also provides a bit more insulation for the root system to stay its healthiest.  The pot is then taped inside a piece of cardboard and rolled up. The corrugated cardboard prevents the plant from getting squished or moving during shipping. Step # 3: Next, the top of the cardboard roll is then stuffed with packing material in order to protect the leaves and insulate the plant somewhat from cold weather.        Step #4: The cardboard roll is then placed inside of a box that is padded with bubble wrap. I make sure the plant does not move inside of the box by fill