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How to Spot & Fix Root Rot

Hello plant lovers! Have you ever brought a plant home from the store and then noticed the soil smells bad and there are black spots on the lower leaves? Your plant could be a victim of root rot! Never fear! In today’s blog I will tell you what causes root rot, how to spot it, and most importantly, how to fix it so your plant will thrive again. What Causes Root Rot? Root rot is a fungal or bacterial condition of the roots of a plant. If left untreated, in no time that bacteria or fungus will spread throughout a plant’s entire root system and cause it to rot even up to the stem. The fungus or bacteria was already present in either the plant, cutting, or soil you are using. When it was introduced to an environment that was moist and without much oxygen it thrived. While it can happen to any plant inside your house or out, root rot tends to happen most commonly in containers and pots. It also happens more often in soil without small bugs like mites and springtails which play a huge role i