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All About Houseplant Lighting

Hello plant lovers! In order for your plants to thrive you will have to give them the light that they need. It's always a struggle to figure out the best lighting conditions that will be suitable for each plant! Will it be too bright? Is the spot you dream of having filled with plants a dark windowless area? From my own experiences and research I feel I can give you some help. Read on to see how I solve problems like too much or too little light, and learn how the direction from which sunlight comes might affect your plant. Too Much Light Signs Burnt leaves, brown spots direct sunlight can be very hot Drying soil (when your plant is getting too much sunlight it causes it to intake water much faster) Bleached leaves Wilting curling or folding What To Do? Get a sheer curtain that will help cut out some light, move your plants back further from the window, or try a stick-on window covering. Not Enough Light Signs Lower leaves dying (the plant may be putting energy into producing leave